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IT Solutions & Services

We provide IT solutions and services to address our customers’ business requirements. We:
 - Design and implement network infrastructures that enable our customers to link and allow communication amongst         their staff or their  clientele, regardless of their geographical locations; 
 - Design and implement software applications which enable our customers to automate their business processes;
 - Provide IT support and maintenance services to corporations which outsource their non-core IT activities.
 - Provide e-commerce strategy consulting, website design, development and implementation.
We design, build and implement multi-vendor networks and software applications. We typically manage the entire project, encompassing project management, analysis, hardware and software procurement, programming, implementation and training, on a turnkey basis. We form project teams, sometimes jointly with our customers, to monitor and manage the implementation of the project. UniQuestz provides complete network and software integration solutions, paving the way to the digital economy.

Subsequent to the implementation of the project, we provide support services throughout the network and software life cycle in the form of:-

 - Network, hardware or software upgrades;
-  After sales maintenance and support services;
-  Cyber Security Assessments
-  User training; and
-  Further network or software integration to existing systems;

Once our customers set up the network infrastructure, implement the
software applications and connect their network to the Web, we will be able
to assist our customers to build an enterprise portal, through which they
would be able to provide services to their customers via the Internet.

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